Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Setting the tone for summer training. Running ahead of the sun.

After returning home for the summer, I've had a number of... well... miserable runs. My second time out I, thinking that sleep was more important than getting up and running early, found myself on what was probably more of a self slow-roast on the side of the road than an effective workout. I started that run at 9 in the morning. Since I'm someone who likes to stay up late, 9 o'clock counts as practically not having slept at all. By about 5 miles in to a 7 mile run, the name of the game was survival, far from the original goal of increasing my VO2 max.
I decided my run the next morning would start at 8 instead.
Still a bad idea.
How early DO I have to get up?

Since then, I've been getting up at 6:30 to hit the road. There is something to be said about getting up this early. It is nice to get up and out before most people are awake (of course for the elderly couples who seem to have an overwhelming presence in my neighborhood.) These runs are cooler and have allowed for better workouts. However, there is also something to be said about AFTER the run. While I enjoy the early start, I usually stretch down, shower, drink some water, and head back to bed for a few more hours before my actual day begins. Oh the things that are done to make for a cooler workout.

A post regarding my upcoming plans for the remainder of the summer and time leading up to race day will ensue shortly.

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  1. Ridiculously early runs are the best, especially in heat like this! I've had a few at 6.

    Still, my legs have felt dead since May :/ I blame the weather. Still going for Columbus?

    (Oh and in case you don't know, this is Angela!)